Solihull Young Dancers

Ballet and Tap taught to a high standard to students across the borough of Solihull for over 40 years

At Solihull Young Dancers

We teach Ballet and Tap following the IDTA syllabus which focuses on strong technique whilst retaining an element of fun to keep the pupils engaged at all times.

We pride ourselves on preparing and inspiring our students to pass their exams with flying colours. A large percentage of our students consistently achieve 'Honours' and 'Distinctions' as a result of their determination and hard work, mirroring the ethos of the dedicated teaching team.

All students are part of our bi-annual large scale productions at The Core Theatre, Solihull. This is a fantastic opportunity for children to experience the thrill of performing on stage, and to understand the discipline, hard work and team spirit that goes into making a successful show. Past shows include Wonderful Tales of Beatrix Potter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, The Adventures of Mary Poppins, The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz and The Little Princess.


  • To be a centre of excellence.
  • To provide high quality ballet and tap lessons to pupils of all ages and abilities.
  • To inspire and nurture young people wishing to learn about dance.
  • To provide a professional and friendly service.
  • Where appropriate, to offer advice and guidance on possible careers in the dance field.
  • To listen to our pupils and actively strive to achieve goals together.


Solihull Young Dancers has been in existence since the late 1970's and was formerly under the leadership of the inspirational and highly respected Margaret Woodroffe.

With honour and pride Kate Ingram-Turner and her team took over the running of the school in 2008 and have successfully endeavoured to maintain Margaret Woodroffe's mission of being the very best in Solihull.

Who we are


Principal: Kate has been with the school since she was 3 years old and as a pupil has progressed through the grades. She has been teaching at Solihull Young Dancers for nearly 30 years and describes teaching at the school as her 'Passion' and 'Love.'


Deputy: Charlotte has been dancing with the school from the age of 3. With a dance career behind her she says "I can honestly say that this is the only job I’ve had where I genuinely look forward to coming to work every Saturday. I can see myself still loving it when I'm in a Zimmer frame!!"


Senior Teacher: A natural Ballet Dance, Jessica is a fundamental part of the SYD teaching staff. With the school since a young age she offers a fun and detail approach to her pupils in the Middle and Upper school and has a great understanding of what is required to make a successful dancer.


Senior Teacher: Hannah is an accomplished teacher and has a great way with not only the youngest members of the school, but the oldest. With a fabulous musical background, her enthusiasm is shown throughout the school.


Senior Teacher: A former senior pupil in the school Emily offers a natural ability in dance as well as teaching. She has a calm and reassuring manner and is a valued member of the team. Emily specialises in the teaching of tap and is highly passionate about the subject.


Teacher: Jess has returned to Solihull Young Dancers and is an enthusiastic teacher of Ballet and is highly motivated in getting the best out of our students.

Ashbee, Isobel, Jennifer, Lucy, Madison and  Martha

Assistant Teachers: The most senior ballet and tap students are currently in the very final stages of their teaching training and already offer an excellent ability to teach and deliver results.

Aubrey, Kirstie , Millie and Nona

Trainee Teachers: These are a vital part of the teaching staff at SYD and within the coming months will individually become fabulous teachers. They all have a natural ability in both dance and inspiring classes. They are in the middle of their training.

Imogen and Sophie

Apprentices: after declaring an interest in becoming a teacher these students offer and fun and friendly approach, with whom the children respond to