Solihull Young Dancers

Ballet and Tap taught to a high standard to students across the borough of Solihull for over 40 years


  • There are three junior ballet classes; these all have one lesson per week – Nursery (Under 4’s – Red Group), Pre-Preparatory (Under 5’s –Yellow Group) and the Preparatory Group (Under 6’s – Blue Group.)
  • Ballet Grades from Primary to Classical Award I are required to have two lessons a week.
  • Ballet Grades from Intermediate to Advanced are required to have three lessons a week.
  • All Tap lessons are held on a Saturday
  • All students are encouraged and welcome to dance in as many classes as possible.
  • All students attend class on a Saturday.
  • All students, when at the required Grade are encouraged, whenever possible, to attend the much needed extra class in the week.

Exams and Shows

By working towards either a show or an examination, we at Solihull Young Dancers are encouraging students to develop and achieve standards in a designated timeframe.

It is wonderful to see the students, who love performing on stage, having costumes, putting stage makeup on and spotting ‘mum ‘in the audience in our school productions. Or receiving medals, certificates and trophies after achieving a superb mark in their examinations.

We encourage each child to reach beyond the norm and to exceed all expectations. In our last examination session, November we averaged an impressive 84.5%.

The school works on a two year cycle for example – Jan 2018 – Examination session, Nov 2018 – Examination Session and then in July 2019 – A Solihull Young Dancers Show.

Only pupils that attend all their lessons, including the weekday are guaranteed entry to an examination. All of the teaching staff will of course endeavour to ensure they all reach the required standard to move Grades.

The show takes place at The Core Theatre, Solihull and runs over the course of three nights. All pupils take part in the production which is attended by the Mayor of Solihull. A thoroughly enjoyable end to eight months of hard work and dedication.


Consistent attendance throughout the year is advised to practice and improve skill levels and to learn the dance routines. It also increases the confidence of the student and ensures they approach lessons, exams and shows with enthusiasm rather than worry.

There is no doubt that ballet is hard and a discipline, but by regular and constant attendance, it can become loved and a high standard achieved.

Attendance does pay off, we have had some students go on to performing arts colleges. They have been engaged in theatre and television work both in the UK and abroad.


  • Each class is £6.00
  • Payment for the first three junior ballet grades (Nursery to Preparatory) is on a pay as you go basis
  • Payment for Primary Grade upwards and all Tap classes is due on a half term or termly basis at the start of each term
  • Fees are non refundable


From Primary Ballet Grade upwards all pupils are expected to be in immaculate uniform and classical hair on Saturday. Ballet is meant to be beautiful so the pupils must be presented in this way! For the grades below Primary, whatever they feel comfortable in initially is fine.

We do have a school shop that is open on Saturdays from 9.00-1.00pm that stocks all uniform.


Lower School:

Pink sleeveless leotard, pink skirt, ballet socks, satin ballet shoes (waistband Grade 1 and upwards.) The three junior classes are able to wear the school pink dress.

Middle School:

Blue school leotard, ballet tights, pink waistband, satin ballet shoes.

Upper Schools:

Burgundy school leotard and skirt, ballet tights, satin ballet shoes.


Plain black leggings with a school T- Shirt. Depending on level they wear black or white tap shoes.

All tap shoes to have Teletone Heel and Toe taps.